Arlyne Simon, an inventor, children's book author and biomedical engineer, will give a talk at the UO's Knight Campus on March 4.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, a long-term partner of the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program, has committed $20,000/year over the next 5 years to support inclusion and diversity scholarships
Knight Campus Executive Director Robert Guldberg discusses research, entrepreneurship, the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance, and the importance of embracing diverse communities on the most recent edition of the Biomechanics on Our Mind podcast.​
MKS Instruments has committed a total of $50,000 over the next 5 years to support Inclusion & Diversity Scholarships within the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program.
For the fifth year in a row, the UO has conferred the most master’s degrees in physics in the country. Twenty six of those were awarded to students in the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program.
Karin Bolender, the first featured artist in the Center For Art Research Project Incubator Program, has more in common with scientists in the Knight Campus than you might realize.
Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholar Alonso Cruz took home a $750 prize in a national student video competition.
Cuba native, Bioengineering PhD candidate and NSF GRFP recipient Yan Carlos Pacheco is studying inflammation due to bone defects with an eye toward promoting better healing.
The new cohort infuses PhD program with new talent.
Buoyed by three new NIH grants totaling nearly $5 million, Knight Campus researchers are merging engineering, science and medicine to improve health.