Leslie Coonrod, lecturer and the associate director of the Bioinformatics and Genomics Master’s Program within the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program received the 2021-2022 James Kezer Teaching Award for her exemplary contribution to the teaching of science.
The Knight Campus hosted its first in-person celebration of graduates welcoming Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program members and a participant of the Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholars program, along with friends and family members
All members of the Knight Campus community are invited to join in celebrating our outstanding graduates from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 12, 2022, on the Knight Campus Terrace.
The Knight Campus is featured in the University of Oregon episode of the College Tour. Thanks to Human Physiology & public planning major Jailah Keller, for playing tour guide. The College Tour is a TV series that provides an inside look into college campuses around the world.
The Knight Campus Bioinformatics and Genomics Track students are eager to begin their internships this month and put their newly formed skills to the test.
Bala Ambati, an ophthalmologist and research professor in the Knight Campus will focus on the cornea, the window to the eye, and provide an overview of the history of vision science, as the featured speaker at Science Knight Out
The Knight Campus announced its fourth cohort of Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholars, this month.
Featured artist Colin Ives will be screening AI-created video in the Knight Campus lobby through April 1.
Through a multi-tiered approach, the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program's initiative prioritizes inclusion, respect and a greater understanding of crucial issues around diversity, equity and inclusion.
Researchers in the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance are integrating the technology into training footwear to provide a data-driven approach to improving athletic performance.