Knight Campus Research Programs

The Knight Campus is developing a hub where innovative research and discovery will thrive – driving business in Oregon. As we grow into our research facilities, we aim to have 30 teams of scientists and researchers, accompanied by 550 students who will be involved in the research cycle, gaining unique experience. This means the Knight Campus will be not only driving groundbreaking scientific research, but preparing a new generation of innovative scientists who will define our future. The collaborative scientific research done at the Knight Campus will break down barriers and accelerate the advancement of science to improve the human condition and benefit the world. We maintain a list of recent grants and awards

Knight Campus Faculty RESEARCH

Robert Guldberg portrait
Robert Guldberg
Vice President and Robert and Leona DeArmond Executive Director

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tim gardner
Tim Gardner
Professor at the Knight Campus
DeArmond Chair in Neuro-Engineering

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marian hettiaratchi
Marian Hettiaratchi
Assistant Professor at the Knight Campus

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jim hutchison

Jim Hutchison
Associate Vice President and Lokey-Harrington Chair in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson
Associate Vice President for Innovation
Associate Professor of Management

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keat ghee ong

Keat Ghee Ong
Professor at the Knight Campus

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calin plesa
Calin Plesa
Assistant Professor at the Knight Campus

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RESEARCH from knight campus faculty fellows

Karen Guillemin
Karen Guillemin
Professor of Biology

Visit the Guillemin Lab

bill cresko
Bill Cresko
Associate Vice President for Research, Professor of Biology

Visit the Cresko Lab

Annie Zemper
Annie Zemper
Assistant Professor of Biology

Visit the Zemper Lab​​​​

mike hahn
Mike Hahn
Associate Professor of Human Physiology
Director of Bowerman Sports Science Clinic

Visit the Hahn Lab

vickie derose
Vickie DeRose
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Visit the DeRose Lab

Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Visit the Johnson Lab

Leslie Leve
Leslie Leve
Professor of Counseling Psychology and Human Services

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