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Innovation and Engagement

The Knight Campus sits at the center of a robust innovation ecosystem. Our combination of programs, resources, connections and space enable faculty and students alike to develop the commercial potential of their research.

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Speaker Series

The Knight Campus Entrepreneurship Speaker Series features life-science entrepreneurs who have started companies based on their research or engaged in other innovation activities.

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The Papé Family Innovation Center

The first of two Papé Family Innovation Center facilities is located in the current Knight Campus building. The first offers a pragmatic mix of meeting spaces, wet lab benches, and procedure rooms—precisely what researchers need to translate scientific discoveries into practical applications. The second will be part of the next phase of construction and will offer individual modules that companies can lease, offering flexibility for different kinds of startups. Together, they are designed with one purpose: to expedite scientific entrepreneurship.

Please note that these spaces are fully leased until mid-2023, although we’re happy to hear from interested parties to add to our waitlist.

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Workshops and Classes

The Knight Campus sponsors a growing suite of workshops and courses to educate the next generation of life-science innovators. Our Lens of the Market curriculum, in collaboration with ecosVC, leverages participants’ current research to explore commercialization processes. Our short workshops tackle topics such as design thinking and intellectual property for life-science entrepreneurs. We are actively developing a set of formal courses, too, in support of a planned graduate program in collaboration with UO’s Lundquist College of Business.

Education and Training

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Seed Funding

Knight Campus primary faculty are eligible to apply for grants to assist with startup costs and to position their companies to be competitive for other funding sources.


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University Resources

As a comprehensive research university, UO hosts a variety of entrepreneurship programs, resources, groups and events under the umbrella of the UO Innovation Initiative.

Discover the UO's Innovation Network

For information on Knight Campus innovation, contact Andrew Nelson, Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.