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Joint Science Seminars

Knight Campus Professor Keat Ghee Ong and researchers in the Department of Bioengineering are developing implantable biosensors that help patients recover more quickly after surgery
The Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program is a key player in a newly funded STEM pipeline program
A team of UO undergraduates based in the Knight Campus with a new vision for concussion diagnosis is shipping off to Paris to compete at the iGEM 2022 Grand Jamboree

event videos

Science Knight Out with Bala Ambati
Knight Campus research professor and ophthalmologist Bala Ambati talks about some of the ways researchers are addressing eye conditions, ranging from traumatic injury to cataracts.
Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
Chris Gibson highlights the serendipity of science and failure, and the role each played in his journey from PhD student to CEO of a multibillion-dollar public biotech company.
Distinguished Lecture Series
Karen Wooley explores synthetic strategies for the development of polymers, block polymers and crosslinked network materials, which can be produced by relatively simple approaches.
Science Knight Out with Leslie Leve
Leslie Leve discusses the importance of nature and nurture in promoting or disrupting well-being.