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Transforming Human Health through the Science of Peak Performance
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Better athletes, healthier humans

Researchers in the Bowerman Sports Science Center, many of whom are playing key roles for the UO in the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance, are optimizing performance for elite athletes and weekend warriors

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The Alliance at Oregon

The Human Performance Alliance weaves together three synergistic scientific programs to accelerate high-impact advances in human performance: scientific moonshots, innovation hubs, and agility projects. Involving collaborators from multiple disciplines and institutions around the country, these programs provide both breadth and depth in exploring and applying the fundamentals of peak performance to human health and well-being.

The UO is home to a moonshot in regenerative rehabilitation, centered in the Knight Campus, with collaborations extending out across the alliance. In addition, the Bowerman Sports Science Center at the UO’s Hayward Field is home to an innovation hub.

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Robert Guldberg
The alliance represents a first-of-its-kind scientific collaboration aiming to transform human health on a global scale through the discovery and translation of the principles underlying athletic performance. This vital work does not just benefit elite athletes. It will help developing athletes, aging athletes—really anyone with a body who wants to function at their peak, which is all of us.
Robert Guldberg, professor, vice president and Robert and Leona DeArmond executive director of the Knight Campus and leader of Alliance at Oregon


Researchers in the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance are integrating the technology into training footwear to provide a data-driven approach to improving athletic performance
The Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance at Oregon to be based in Knight Campus and led by Professor Robert Guldberg.

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