Local Spark program brings dozens of high school students to tour Knight Campus, including Dalton Lab and the Fabrication Lab, to encourage interest in STEM education and jobs.
President Karl Scholz will hold his second meet and greet for the campus community at noon Thursday, Aug. 10 in the lobby of the Knight Campus
A group of staff and faculty from the Knight Campus, Campus Planning and Facilities Management and other UO departments construction briefing and a walk-through of the Knight Campus Building 2 construction site
Showcase creative talent through the "Best Oregon Bioengineering Symposium Logo" award. Participants are invited to submit their logo designs, and the winning submission will receive a $100 prize.

Seven abstract geometric paintings by Portland artist Michael Knutson find a home in the Knight Campus thanks to a gift by the retiring Reed College professor

A $2 million grant from the Department of Defense will enable Knight Campus researchers to use data-enabled biotechnologies to deliver life-changing precision therapies to victims of traumatic limb injury
Meet-and-greet event connects bioengineering faculty with orthopedic surgeons to explore opportunities for collaboration

New research from the lab of professor Paul Dalton provides instruction plan for affordable, open-source microscale 3D printers,

The University of Oregon has joined the Northwest University Semiconductor Network