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The Nature of Nurture

Delinquency and drug use affect millions of youth, causing significant personal and societal harm. What are the root causes of these societal problems? How does research in these areas translate into effective prevention strategies, beginning early in child development? This presentation will highlight the importance of nature and nurture in promoting or disrupting well-being. Intervention studies with families in the juvenile justice system and from parent-child adoption research demonstrate the critical role nurturing environments can play in helping those predisposed to these challenges.

Leslie Leve

UO Alumni Faculty Professor in the College of Education

Leslie Leve, PhD, is a professor in the Counseling Psychology and Human Services Department, associate director of the Prevention Science Institute and a Knight Campus associate faculty member. She is best known for her research on child and adolescent development, gene-environment interplay, and interventions for children and families. This includes preventive intervention studies with youth in foster care and with adolescents in the juvenile justice system, and adoption studies that examine the interplay between biological, psychological, and social influences on development.  She co-directs a center on parenting in the context of opioid use. Her work also focuses on outcomes for girls and women. To date, she has published more than 175 scientific articles and 20 book chapters, among other publications. Her research has been funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Justice, and U.S. Department of Education.

leslie leve

About Science Knight Out

Science Knight Out is a community science lecture that is open to the public and is sponsored by the University of Oregon Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. The annual event supports the mission of the Knight Campus to accelerate discovery and engage the public in the excitement and creativity of scientific research.

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2019 Science Knight Out

The Future is Here: Bioengineered Medical Devices and Regenerative Therapies

Bob Guldberg, Vice President and Executive Director of the Knight Campus, was the 2019 Science Knight Out speaker. Guldberg highlighted his research on regenerative medicine and shared insights from his career translating new medical devices into improved patient care.

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