Research News

research news

Altered enzyme offers hope for spinal injury and stroke

A project co-led by Marian Hettiaratchi of the Knight Campus delivers stability to a natural protein to help reverse nerve damage.


Knight Campus scientist unveils a 3D printed device to stimulate nerves

Tim Gardner and colleagues successfully recorded electrical impulses with a new nanoclip that could lead to a new treatment for a wide range of diseases.


UO-led study helps guide physical therapy after injuries

Research from a team led by Knight Campus Vice President Robert Guldberg could help improve recovery from broken bones and other injuries.



Scientist boosts strength of genetic synthesis

Knight Campus assistant professor Calin Plesa is improving a tool used to synthesize genes to make the process simpler and less expensive.




Energizing From Within

Keat Ghee Ong's startup is taking shape less than a year after the professor started at the University of Oregon's Knight Campus.




Adapting Cancer Research to COVID-19

Knight Campus graduate Adrian Bubie is helping to convert a newly developed tool for tracking cancer viruses to identify strains of the novel coronavirus.




Birdsong offers clues to the workings of short-term memory

The approach of a Knight Campus scientist could spur advances in artificial intelligence and disease therapies.



Knight Campus bioengineer advances bone repair research

Marian Hettiaratchi is developing new methods to improve the effectiveness of spinal fusion procedures and repairing broken bones.