Photo Gallery


diversity luncheon

February 2020: The Knight Campus hosts a diversity luncheon and panel discussion.

tour with deans

February 2020: Deans from OHSU, University of Washington, and Oregon State University take a job site tour of the Knight Campus.

kate rosenbluth

February 2020: Kate Rosenbluth presents at the Knight Campus Entrepreneur Speaker Series.

marian hettiaratchi

January 2020: Marian Hettiaratchi's work is published in Science Advances Journal.


bioengineering symposium

November 2019: OSU, UO, and OHSU join forces to leverage the resources of an entire state.

kcip students

November 2019: 90% of Knight Campus Internship students are employed within three months of graduating.

brian druker

October 2019: Brian Druker gives the Knight Campus Distinguished Lecture.

knight campus undergraduate scholars

October 2019: Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholars Program gives students real-world research experience.

governor kate brown

October 2019: Oregon Governor Kate Brown tours the Knight Campus.

kc faculty

June 2019: The Knight Campus hires its first four faculty members.

vint cerf lecture at uo

May 2019: Vint Cerf, key architect of the internet, discusses the unfinished business of the internet.

science knight out bob guldburg

April 2019: ​​Robert Guldberg details his research during Science Knight Out.

bot members

March 2019: The UO's Board of Trustees take a job site tour of the Knight Campus.

michelle and kelly in lab

January 2019: The UO ranks No. 1 in the country for master's degrees in physics.