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Knight Campus Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

Regenerative Immunology – the Role of Technology Translation in Guiding Discovery
May 2020

Jennifer Elisseeff discussed regenerative immunology and the role of technology translation in guiding discoveries. She is currently working to understand the role of the immune system and cellular senescence in the biomaterial response and repair across different tissues. This new therapeutic target serves as the basis for the design of regenerative immunotherapies. 

Knight Campus Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

What if Electricity Were a Medicine? An Entrepreneur’s Journey from Scientific Discovery to Category Creation
February 13, 2020

Kate Rosenbluth shared the story of founding and building a growth startup from spin-out through product launch. 

Undergraduate Research Experience at the Knight Campus

The Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholars Program pairs promising undergraduates with research mentors — graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members — immersing them in a 12-month, comprehensive research experience in Knight Campus-affiliated labs. Undergraduate scholar recipient, Emily Neibergall, is taking on her own independent research project, with a mentor to guide her every step of the way.

Knight Campus Distinguished Lecture

Imatinib as a Paradigm of Targeted Cancer Therapies
October 7, 2019

Dr. Brian Druker, director of OHSU's Knight Cancer Institute, discussed how he spearheaded the highly successful clinical trials of imatinib for chronic myeloid leukemia, which led to FDA approval of the drug in record time. 

Community Science Lecture

The Future is Here: Bioengineered Medical Devices and Regenerative Therapies
April 24, 2019

Bob Guldberg, Vice President and Executive Director of the Knight Campus, highlights his research on regenerative medicine and shares insights from his career translating new medical devices into improved patient care.

Community Science Lecture

Mind, Brain and Reality
April 17, 2018

David McCormick, director of the Institute of Neuroscience, explored how the human brain creates the reality in which our minds operate at a community presentation.

Engineer with Medical Flair

November 20, 2017

Robert Guldberg takes the helm of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact in the fall of 2018.

Community Science Lecture

A Spectrum of Promise: A multidisciplinary approach to autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders
November 14, 2017

Laura Lee McIntyre, a professor in the University of Oregon's College of Education, gave a community presentation at the John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts where she highlighted how early identification of developmental disorders can lead to promising intervention and prevention strategies.

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Impact and Curiosity Come to Life

October 27, 2017

The University of Oregon unveiled architectural renderings of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, revealing a singular design where impact and curiosity will come to life.

Community Science Lecture

Science at the Nexus of Life and Death
May 9, 2017

Knight Campus faculty fellow, Patrick Phillips, gave a community lecture at the John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts where he discussed his research on aging and the challenges and opportunities created by the potential for prolonging human life.

UO, OHSU conversations

In a daylong summit last month at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, about 90 UO and OHSU researchers from a variety of disciplines brainstormed possible collaborations. Both institutions are currently developing major new research facilities thanks to unprecedented gifts from the same benefactor. UO President Michael Schill and OHSU President Joe Robertson spoke at the event.

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Highlights of Legislative Hearings

Patrick Phillips, acting director of the Knight Campus, along with Karen Guillemin, professor of biology, and Jim Hutchison, UO Lokey-Harrington Chair in Chemistry, and doctoral students Susan Cooper and Michelle Sconce testified during informational hearings in Salem.

Patrick Phillips
Highlights from House Higher Education and Workforce Committee
March 23, 2017

Senate Business and Transportation Committee
May 1, 2017

Senate Education Committee
May 4, 2017


Karen Guillemin, professor of biology
House Higher Education and Workforce Committee
March 23, 2017

Jim Hutchison
Senate Business and Transportation Committee
May 1, 2017

Susan Cooper
Senate Business and Transportation Committee
May 1, 2017

Michelle Sconce, UO doctoral student
Senate Education Committee
May 4, 2017

The Future Starts Now

October 17, 2016

The University of Oregon is proud to introduce the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact—a game-changing initiative specifically designed to fast-track scientific discoveries and the process of turning those discoveries into innovations that improve quality of life for people in Oregon, the nation and beyond. The Knight Campus will reshape the higher education landscape in Oregon by training the next generation of scientists, forging tighter ties with industry and entrepreneurs, and creating new educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.

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