Center for Art Research incubator program video now playing

As part of the Project Incubator artist residency series, featured artist Colin Ives will be screening AI-created video in the Knight Campus lobby from March 29 through April 1.

Artist statement:

Diamond Falls (from the ai created series of video Generative Landscapes, 2020 - ongoing)

Generative Landscapes are based on movement through the landscapes. The work acknowledges how our expansive technologies have led to crises; yet its aim is restorative. The AI algorithm, trained on original footage I shot of these landscapes, generates new sequences by predicting and adding new frames. The spatial trajectory of the source footage troubles the AI’s process of “understanding” patterns of relation. The resulting videos have an animate sense of desynchronization, an aesthetic strategy that reveals the copresence of multiple durations, temporalities, and tempos. The representational drift evokes upheavals in geological time, an ever-changing reshaping: destruction, renewal: vibrancy. We’ve tried to contain the natural world, to dam its living rivers and stop its fluctuations, but here they’re set adrift in the unresolved contingencies of our times. Comfort and crises.