Tim Gardner

tim gardner

Tim Gardner

Associate Professor, Knight Campus
DeArmond Chair in Neuro-Engineering
Faculty Affiliate, Department of Physics

Tim Gardner is a highly regarded neuro-engineer with a track record of success in academics and commercialization. He joined the Knight Campus in June 2019.

Most recently, Gardner co-founded the Elon Musk-funded startup, Neuralink, which builds high-resolution brain interfaces for humans. Before Neuralink, he led Boston University's Laboratory of Neural Circuit Formation. There, researchers led by Gardner developed a high-resolution 3D printer and other methods to fabricate ultra-small electrodes to record the neural correlates of birdsong.  

Throughout his career, Gardner has worked at the interface of neuroscience and technology and successfully translated his work into a commercial venture, maximizing the impact of his university research.

Gardner holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Princeton University and earned his doctorate in biology and physics from Rockefeller University. He did post-doctoral fellowships at Rockefeller University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His numerous awards and honors include National Institutes of Health Brain Initiative grants and membership in the National Academy of Inventors.

"I’ve always been interested in maximizing the impact of academic research,” Gardner said. “The Knight Campus and the UO’s Institute of Neuroscience combine to present a very captivating opportunity to develop team-based neuro-technology projects."