Nima Dinyari

nima dinyari

Nima Dinyari

Optics Track Director, Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program

Dr. Khodadad Nima Dinyari is the director of the Optical Materials & Devices (OMD) track in the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program (KCGIP). Nima received his BS in Physics from University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2004. While at UCSB, Nima worked in the Lubin group which was mapping the microwave background radiation left after the Big Bang. Nima did research in the Bouwmeester Group studying environmentally induced decoherence in quantum systems. Nima graduated from UCSB in 2004 and began his PhD. in physics at the UO in 2005.

In 2006, Nima joined Hailin Wang’s condensed matter and quantum optics experimental research group in the physics department at the UO. During the summer of 2007 and 2008, Nima was a teaching assistant in the first two cohorts of the OMD track. In 2012, Nima completed his Ph.D. dissertation titled “Coupling Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond Nanopillars to Whispering Gallery Microresonators”. The dissertation research combined quantum optics, semiconductor device fabrication, low temperature, and high vacuum instrumentation. The aim of the research was to engineer a low temperature (10 K) composite system that could optically couple the fluorescence from color centers in diamond nanopillars to the optical modes of a frequency tunable double-stemmed deformed microsphere.

During his time as a graduate student at the UO, Nima was a National Science Foundation (NSF) GK-12 and IGERT fellow. As an NSF GK-12 fellow, Nima taught math and science in Hermiston, OR to K-5 teachers and students. The aim of the GK-12 effort was to support the Umatilla District’s implementation of an inquiry-based science curriculum. As a NSF IGERT fellow, Nima collaborated on the fabrication of nanostructures from thin film (<10 um) single crystal diamond with graduate students and research faculty at the University of Science and Technology of China’s Key Laboratory of Quantum Information in Hefei, China and at the Suzhou nanofabrication facility (SNFF) in Suzhou, China.

Nima joined the Master’s Industrial Internship Program in 2012. He supports the KCIP’s student and corporate recruiting efforts in addition to overseeing the OMD track. Nima’s current research interests involve optical instrumentation/metrology and device fabrication/characterization.