Knight Campus Inside Lunch

A bi-monthly lunch for Knight Campus employees

Knight Campus Inside Lunches will be held at noon on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. 

We are creating a research, innovation and education hub that attracts the best and brightest to the Knight Campus. Come join the conversation. All Knight Campus employees are welcome. 

The goal of the Knight Campus Inside Lunch session is to learn more about what differentiates the Knight Campus’ mission and functions compared to more traditional academic organizations, including the UO, and help us foster a culture that supports the goals of the KC. The reading for each lunch session provides background information that is relevant to the vision, mission and guiding principles of the Knight Campus. As you read the materials for each session, there are some questions you should keep in mind that we will use to begin discussion of the topic over lunch.

  1. How do the readings relate to the Knight Campus Strategic Plan? In what ways does the author’s ideas underpin or extend the approach described in the plan?
  2. In what ways do the author’s views differ from other approaches or organizational strategies that you are familiar with?
  3. What are the ah-ha ideas (or nuggets) that you took away from the reading that you can share with others to promote the Knight Campus mission?
  4. Thinking about your role in the Knight Campus, do the ideas in the reading give you new insight into how you (and the greater Knight Campus team) can achieve the Knight Campus' goals.

Information from recent sessions:

7/27/2022 Cognitive Empathy

6/21/2022: Provoking our Future

5/17/2022: The Roots of the Impact Cycle

1/13/2021: Academic Programs/Bioengineering Joint Program

12/9/2020: 2021 Planning Session (no recording)

  • Met on Zoom and SpatialChat for a collaborative brainstorming session on our 2021 approach to KC Inside Lunches

8/26/20: Story for Science with Mark Blaine of the Center for Science Communication Research

6/10/20: Working Relationships while Working Remotely

5/27/20: Systems Thinking with a Focus on Leverage

5/13/20: Systems Thinking (continued)

4/29/20: Systems Thinking

2/5/2020: Design Thinking

1/17/2020: Combining Basic and Applied Research