Faculty Recruitment

This is an exciting time for the University of Oregon as we realize our dreams for enhancing discovery and innovation activity through the development of the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. This page provides information on faculty employment opportunities within the Knight Campus.

Lorry I. Lokey Department Chair and Associate or Full Professor of Bioengineering
The inaugural Lorry I. Lokey Chair of Bioengineering will lead the Department of Bioengineering, which includes making administrative, budgetary and personnel decisions. The Chair will also have responsibility for external affairs, including fundraising, community outreach and alumni and industry relations.

Associate/Full Professor of Data Science/Bioengineering and Co-Director of the Center for Biomedical Data Science
The co-director of the Center for Biomedical Data Science will help shape a vision and operational approach for the center to develop and apply complex data science tools, techniques and research to advance the understanding of normal and aberrant cell biology.

Research Associate - Human  Performance Alliance
The Research Associate will work closely with Associate Professor/Associate Director Nick Willett to design and implement lab research and assessment, seek and obtain external support for research activities, and publish results.

Bioinformatician Research Assistant/Associate - Plesa Lab
The Plesa Lab is seeking a research assistant/associate specializing in bioinformatics or computational biology. This position will work closely with other lab researchers (students, postdocs, and technicians) and with Dr. Plesa.

Research Associate/Staff Scientist - Plesa Lab
The Plesa Lab is seeking an experienced research associate/staff scientist to focus on the development of novel gene synthesis methods for building large gene libraries as well as novel methods for characterizing and engineering proteins at scale.

Lab Manager -  Willett Lab
The Willett Lab is seeking a lab manager who is self-motivated and has excellent organizational, managerial, and communication skills to oversee technical and business aspects of the lab on a daily basis, and to participate in a variety of new and ongoing research in the lab.

Research Assistant/Associate/Engineer - Open Pool
We are seeking qualified applicants for the Knight Campus open research pool. Open positions will include research assistants (commonly known as technicians) or research associates. Research assistants conduct research under the direction of a principal investigator; research associates conduct research with only general guidance.

    Postdoctoral Scholar - Plesa Lab
    The postdoc will be responsible for conducting research and technical activities related to sponsored projects in the Plesa Lab. Research work will include designing and optimizing new scalable gene synthesis methods to enable longer genes, higher yields, and lower cost.

    ProTem Instructor/Lecturer - Open Pool
    We are seeking qualified applicants for our open ProTem Instructor/Lecturer pool. Instructors/Lecturers in the Knight Campus will develop innovative and multidisciplinary educational materials with the goal of preparing graduate students for entry-level positions in academic, industry, and government labs. 

    Postdoctoral Scholar - Open Pool
    We are seeking a postdoctoral scholar to conduct laboratory research, quantitative analysis, prepare manuscripts and grant application, and present data and findings to internal and external audiences. 

    Postdoctoral Scholar - Guldberg Lab
    The postdoc will conduct research and technical activities related to sponsored projects in the Guldberg Lab. The incumbent will conduct data analysis on biometric and other data sets, collaborate on reporting findings, and manage and provide technical expertise for lab equipment, protocols, and programs related to either musculoskeletal regenerative rehabilitation or immunoengineering strategies for musculoskeletal trauma.

    Postdoctoral Scholar - Ong Lab
    This position will research, design, and implement implantable devices and other associated electronics, and will manage, maintain and provide technical expertise for the Ong Lab equipment, protocols, and programs.

    Postdoctoral Scholar - Reeder Lab
    The postdoc will be responsible for conducting research and technical activities related to ongoing projects in the Reeder Lab involving design, fabrication, and implementation of bio-integrated devices. The postdoc will also assist in managing lab equipment and provide technical expertise for associated research programs.