Faculty Recruitment

This is an exciting time for the University of Oregon as we realize our dreams for enhancing discovery and innovation activity through the development of the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. This page provides information on faculty employment opportunities within the Knight Campus.

Assistant/Associate Professor of Bioengineering
We are seeking a qualified bioengineering candidate with a research focus in regenerative rehabilitation of musculoskeletal tissues. We also welcome applications from candidates in biomedical data science, immunoengineering, biophotonics, micro/nanotechnology, biosensors, and bioinstrumentation.

Assistant/Associate Professor of Neuroengineering
For this neuroengineering position, we are seeking candidates with a research focus in neural interface design, micro and nanofabrication methods development, bio-active and cellular implants, pre-clinical research models in bioelectric medicine, and/or data analytics for closed-loop neuromodulation therapies.

Research Assistant/Associate - Open Pool
We are seeking qualified applicants for the Knight Campus open research pool. Open positions will include research assistants (commonly known as technicians) or research associates. Research assistants conduct research under the direction of a principal investigator; research associates conduct research with only general guidance.

ProTem Instructor/Lecturer - Open Pool
We are seeking qualified applicants for our open ProTem Instructor/Lecturer pool. Instructors/Lecturers in the Knight Campus will develop innovative and multidisciplinary educational materials with the goal of preparing graduate students for entry-level positions in academic, industry, and government labs. 

Postdoctoral Scholar - Open Pool
We are seeking a postdoctoral scholar to conduct laboratory research, quantitative analysis, prepare manuscripts and grant application, and present data and findings to internal and external audiences. 

ProTem Research Assistant - Reeder Lab
This position will oversee technical and business aspects of the Reeder Lab on a daily basis and to will participate in a variety of new and ongoing research in the lab as directed. 

Postdoctoral Scholar - Ong Lab
This position will research, design, and implement implantable devices and other associated electronics, and will manage, maintain and provide technical expertise for the Ong Lab equipment, protocols, and programs.