Room and Event Scheduling Policy, Rules and Procedures

seminar room
Room and Event Scheduling Policy, Rules and Procedures


The Knight Campus has paused accepting new requests for the fall quarter as of August 25, 2021. 

The Knight Campus has internal and external spaces designed for pedagogical and event activities. Below you can find information on access, scheduling, rules of use and fees. The Knight Campus Building Use Policies apply to all events and attendees of events.

Please note that for Fall 2021, the Knight Campus is unable to accommodate UO-external events. UO-internal event requests will be limited and considered on a case-by-case basis. We are unable to accommodate weekend events at this time. Rates and process as stated below will apply.

For questions and requests, please email

I. General Space Descriptions

1. Dry Training and Conference Room Spaces: 

Dry training and conference room spaces available for booking are booked as-is unless a request for exception is made at time of booking. The furniture configuration of the room must be left as it was found. If items are left in the room, or if furniture is in disarray following the event, additional labor charges may be applied. Knight Campus classes have first priority for scheduling. 

2. Beetham Family Seminar Room:

The seminar room will be scheduled for Knight Campus sponsored events as a priority. The room is not intended for regularly scheduled or routine events. 

The seminar room house lighting is designed to provide several pre-set options to provide utility for as many events as possible. Clients may only have access to in-the-house control of the lights. Control of all lighting other than in-the-house systems is the unique responsibility of the Knight Campus. Any unauthorized adjustments to the lighting in the defined spaces is expressly prohibited. If additional lighting is needed to supplement the lighting provided, it must be arranged separately by the Client with the Knight Campus and must be contracted and/or managed by Knight Campus staff. 

No food or beverage (other than water) is allowed in the Beetham Family Seminar Room. 

3. Other Indoor Spaces: 

  • Conference rooms on 3rd and 4th floors are not available for external scheduling. 
  • Core facility scheduling is through the management of the specific facility. 
  • The bridge over Franklin Boulevard is not available for event scheduling. 

4. Outdoor Spaces:

Outdoor spaces include but are not limited to the terrace on the 2nd floor and the millrace patio. 

II. Rules and Procedures 

5. General Access to Scheduling:

Knight Campus employees may request access to Knight Campus rooms free of charge if the request is made in the course of their employment duties and generally no more than six months in advance. Exceptions may be authorized by the Director’s office. 

Innovation Center occupants may request access for an event no more than three months in advance; access should be for no more than one day in total. Use is subject to established fees and rules. 

Non-Knight Campus UO units may request access for an event no more than three months in advance, access should be for no more than one day in total and should provide relevance to the Knight Campus mission and goals. Events may not be booked for events with a routine/regular schedule in consecutive weeks or months. Use is subject to established fees and rules. 

Individuals/entities external to the UO may request access for an event if they provide evidence of relevance to the Knight Campus mission and goals. The request may be no more than three months in advance. Events may not be booked for events with a routine/regular schedule in consecutive weeks or months. Use is subject to established fees and rules. 

6. Live Music and Indoor Sound:

Live music (whether acoustic or amplified), recorded music and/or any amplified sound will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Knight Campus reserves the right to determine appropriate equipment and sound level for various spaces. Events are required to reduce sound level if directed to do so by Knight Campus personnel. Sound levels of events scheduled indoors may be restricted at any time if a potential conflict exists with a previously-scheduled event, classes, or other academic uses of UO facilities. 

7. Permanent Fixtures:

All non-portable furniture, built-in AV, and artwork are permanent fixtures of the meeting rooms in which they reside and may not be moved, removed, obscured or taken down for any event or any other non-sanctioned purpose. 

8. Ticketing Procedure:

All ticketed events in the Knight Campus sponsored by a UO department or student organization are required to use the UO Ticket Office for all ticket sales and distribution. Unaffiliated users are required to use the UO Ticket Office unless granted an exception from this procedure by the Knight Campus. 

9. Hours Available for Scheduling: 

Events can be scheduled only between the hours of 7am and 6pm, except with prior approval from the Office of the Facilities Operations Manager. Any additional costs for security and clean-up must be covered by the unit hosting the event. 

10. Damage:

All groups using the Knight Campus for meetings/events are responsible for the proper use of the facility, furnishings, and equipment. Willful and careless damage to any Knight Campus property will be billed to the unit responsible. 

11. Event Set-up and Decoration:

Clients may arrange access to decorate and otherwise prepare for the event at the time determined as the pre-event time on the event’s reservation. The Knight Campus property (i.e. ladders, carts, etc.) may not be used unless previous arrangements have been made with Knight Campus personnel. The Knight Campus may consider advance requests of materials to be placed on walls, floors and other building surfaces. Hand-out materials may not be left on public furniture, taped to doors or walls, or left in public spaces outside the event space or venue. Unless specifically approved in advance, the following items are prohibited in spaces scheduled by the Knight Campus:

  • Helium balloons
  • Candles (or open flames or any flame-producing devices) for events in any UO building, except approved wick-fuel/gel pan heating devices (Sterno fuel) for use by catering services. Battery-operated lights are allowed provided they are not hung on any Knight Campus structure or furniture.
  • Glitter or confetti
  • Straw, grass, or hay
  • Pools, tubs, aquariums, or other water containers holding more than 5 gallons of water.
  • Fog/smoke machines

All decorations must be approved by the Knight Campus prior to the event and removed and properly disposed of by the end of the event time on the Event’s Confirmation. No taping, pinning or securing items to walls or columns. 

12. Event-Related Machinery:

Appliances and machines which affect air quality, visibility and/or pose a damage risk to floors and walls (i.e. pyrotechnics, gas or propane-powered engines) are not allowed in the Knight Campus. 

13. Additional Furniture and Equipment:

If additional furniture or equipment is needed for an event, the Client must arrange to have it provided prior to the event at the Client’s expense and approved by the Knight Campus. The delivery, set-up and removal of furniture and equipment must be coordinated with the Knight Campus and an outside provider to occur within the time during which the organization has the space reserved. Client must notify the Knight Campus with specific details if external vendors are required for an event. The Knight Campus reserves the right to determine whether an outside provider is acceptable. 

14. Catering:

UO Catering is granted the exclusive right to operate and provide daily and catered food services to the Knight Campus. Outside vendor use must be approved through UO Catering. 

Food and drink (other than water) are only allowed in spaces designated for use; client will confirm with Knight Campus expectations for food and drink at the time of booking. 

15. Alcohol:

All alcohol service must be approved by UO in the form of a completed and signed Request for Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages Form. 

16. Closure:

In the event of unforeseen closure of the Knight Campus or the University for inclement weather, security emergencies or other reasons, the Knight Campus reserves the right to cancel events scheduled during such period. In the event of an unforeseen closure, the Client will have the option to either reschedule the event to a later date or cancel the date. All other costs associated with the event, including UO support services (UOPD, Parking and Transportation, UO Catering, etc.) and third-party external vendor rentals are the sole responsibility of the Client. Facilities are subject to the UO Policy on the Closure of Facilities and Operations. 

17. Risk Assessment:

Some events may be considered higher risk than others and may require a security and safety meeting or risk assessment. Events that meet one of the following criteria, as determined by the Knight Campus, may require a meeting with Safety and Risk Services and UOPD: attendees are expected to exceed 100 people; there is a likelihood of violence or civil unrest; the complexity of the event requires the involvement of multiple campus administrative partners; or unique events that require additional risk assessment and action to protect the health and safety of the campus community. Security and safety meetings are held, or a risk assessment is conducted, to determine whether the nature and scope of an event is likely to require the presence of UO Police Department (UOPD), the presence of UO Fire Marshal, or other public safety measures and/or plans. Security meetings will typically involve the unit’s building contact, the event organizer, a representative from the Knight Campus, and representatives from UOPD and Safety and Risk Services. Together, they can help coordinate this assessment and develop a safety protocol for the event. The priority use of the Knight Campus building is for science and discovery and those priorities will guide approval of any event request. 

III. Outdoor Events

In addition to the above, the following rules apply to outdoor spaces including but not limited to the 2nd floor terrace, and millrace patio that are available for scheduling. Use limitations and fees apply. 

1. General:

The following restrictions apply to all outdoor events, except for Major Campus Events. Overnight camping or storage of materials as part of the event is not allowed. All materials associated with the event must be removed immediately following the conclusion of event. For multiple-day outdoor events, materials associated with the event must be removed after each day’s activities. UO is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property. Requests for outdoor events may be refused, even if the space is available, if it is judged by the Knight Campus that the outdoor event would interfere with academic classes or other events inside nearby buildings (e.g., adjacent to and concurrent with class, events with anticipated crowd size more than 100 or request for amplified sound). 

2. Sound:

The Knight Campus cannot guarantee the absence of disruptive noise from nearby outdoor activities—including, but not limited to, fairs, rallies, construction, or outdoor concerts. Weekdays (Monday-Friday) between 7:00am and 6:00pm during the academic term, outdoor amplified sound (including microphones, amps and bullhorns) must be scheduled by the Knight Campus. All outdoor amplified sound during the school week must be provided and/or monitored by the Knight Campus. Amplified sound is never permitted at outdoor information tables. Outdoor amplified sound may not exceed a maximum of 83dbs as measured from 40 feet in any direction. The Knight Campus reserves the right to require events to lower the volume of outdoor amplified sound. 

3. Hazardous Objects and Conduct:

All participants, in any event, are required to follow the UO Policy on Proscribed Conduct. Consistent with that policy, participants are not allowed to carry or use weapons or dangerous objects, including sticks or sign poles that are larger than 1” x 2” or open flames larger than a standard candle. In addition, there are various obstacles, barriers, and landscape around the Knight Campus that may pose an unknown hazard (e.g. boardwalk, water features, landscape features, etc.). The Knight Campus shall be held harmless in the event of any injury during an outdoor event as a result of these hazards. 

IV. Parking 

The university has hourly pay-to-park areas located around campus. Payment can be made at conveniently located kiosks or with a mobile device through the Parkmobile website using Zone 7447. Reserved event parking can be arranged through Transportation Services. We can also assist with arrangements for service vehicles loading in and out event materials. 

V. Fees 

Fees are waived for full-time employees of the Knight Campus requesting the space if the request is part of their University duties. UO and external groups will be charged based on an established rate structure. The fee structure will be available on the Knight Campus website under “events and space booking” and on the UO fee and rate webpage. Fee structure is based on an annual review of comparable spaces on the UO campus and changes to pricing will commence at the beginning of any given academic year. The Knight Campus is fully responsible for all utility, maintenance, IT infrastructure and labor costs related to physical spaces. Event fees reflect some portion of those costs and support high-quality maintenance of those spaces. 

location room room number seating occupancy code occupancy approx. size sq ft avi support
Basement Lobby 01 49 220   No
Ground Floor Seminar Room 127 150   2500 Yes
Ground Floor Pre-Function H116 12 161 850 Yes
Ground Floor Dry Training Room West 106 25 48 925 Yes
Ground Floor Dry Training Room West 107 25 48 950 Yes
Ground Floor Dry Training Room West 108 25 48 915 Yes
Ground Floor Dry Training Room East 156 25 48 900 Yes
Ground Floor Dry Training Room East 157 25 49 900 Yes
Ground Floor Dry Training Room East 158 25 48 900 Yes
2nd Floor 2nd Floor Terrace Terrace 91   8,000 No

Rate Schedule as of FY21:

Room/space size (estimated) max capacity internal (UO) pricing fy21 Min/hourly internal (UO) pricing fy21 Daily Max external pricing fy21 Min/hourly external pricing fy21 Daily Max
Seminar Room 2900 sq ft 250 81.00 485.00 160.00 960.00
Seminar Pre-Function Space H115 1000 sq ft 161 54.00 295.00 120.00 670.00
Classroom 106 900 sq ft 48 32.00 160.00 68.00 365.00
Classroom 107 900 sq ft 48 32.00 160.00 68.00 365.00
Classroom 108 900 sq ft 48 32.00 160.00 68.00 365.00
Classroom 106-107 Combined 1800 sq ft 96 54.00 295.00 120.00 670.00
2nd Floor Outdoor Terrace 8,000 sq ft 450 165.00 825.00 338.00 1,690.00
Basement Lobby 1500 sq ft 220 81.00 485.00 160.00 960.00

Fees for additional items or services negotiated at time of booking.