Internal Advisory Board

The role of the Internal Advisory Board (IAB) is to provide counsel and make recommendations to the Knight Campus executive director and the University of Oregon president on scientific vision and necessary structures and supports for the Knight Campus. Furthermore, the IAB will act as the leadership committee for academic and administrative procedural matters as we establish the Knight Campus as an academic unit at the UO.

The initial directives of the Knight Campus IAB include:

  • Formalizing all Knight Campus governance policies
  • Discussing and vetting scientific and innovation programs
  • Reviewing and finalizing the Knight Campus diversity plan

Members are appointed to two and three year terms to allow for institutional knowledge generation and continuation to occur throughout the life of the IAB. Members are appointed jointly by the president and the executive director.


Patrick Phillips, Chair
Acting Executive Director, Professor of Biology

Andrew Nelson
Associate Vice President for Innovation, Associate Professor of Management

Bill Cresko
Associate Vice President for Research, Professor of Biology

Brad Shelton
Senior Vice Provost of Budget and Strategy, Professor of Mathematics

Chris Minson
Professor of Human Physiology

Chris Sinclair
Associate Professor of Mathematics, UO Senate Vice President

Darren Johnson
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

David Conover
Vice President for Research and Innovation, Professor of Biology

David McCormick
Professor of Biology

Hal Sadofsky
Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Jim Hutchison
Associate Vice President for Research, Professor of Chemistry

Joe Sventek
Department Head, 
Professor of Computer and Information Science

Karen Guillemin
Professor of Biology

Ken Prehoda
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Leslie Leve
College of Education Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Family and Human Services

Michael Raymer
Professor of Physics

Scott Pratt
Dean of the Graduate School, Professor of Philosophy

Ulrich Mayr
Department Head, 
Professor of Psychology

Vickie De Rose
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Yuan Xu
Professor of Mathematics